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Ready-Made, Fully Customizable Marketing Campaigns to Build Your Brand

Don’t have the time or resources to conceptualize an entire offline and online marketing strategy for your business?

Get everything you need – and more – to build a powerful brand presence through Print Three’s fully customizable, Campaign-in-a-Box!

We offer targeted marketing campaigns with the tools to help you create a unique strategy around your brand. Our typical Campaign-in-a-Box features between 2-4 components, though that can vary depending on the personalized marketing needs of your business.

A Campaign-in-a-Box strategy utilizes both online and offline marketing tools, such as:

Connecting to Your Target Market

Brand consistency ensures your customers remember you in a particular way – an image you can craft through clever marketing.

Our Campaign-in-a-Box encourages this idea through pre-designed, cross-media templates that create consistency across offline and online materials. All templates and designs are made for print and digital, and can be tailored to suit a range of industries or events. We also commission custom-designed templates that’ll truly fit your business perfectly!

Once your templates and designs are chosen, along with other personalized promo content you’ve selected, we can take your database of relevant consumer information to create & personalize content based on the data provided.

Ready to introduce your brand to the world in a memorable way? Contact the professional marketing team at Print Three Guelph to get started on your Campaign-in-a-Box!

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